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Writer & Multimedia Journalist


For nine years, I've dealt with a chronic illness that's hard for people to see or understand. Along the way, I became fascinated with heathcare, disease, and its intersections with politics and culture. More importantly, I learned the power and importance of empathy. No matter the project, I strive to explore issues and present them in a way that is emotionally engaging -- whether through writing, audio, video, or photography. But above all else, I try to do so with compassion for everyone involved and impacted, whether I am reporting on Venezuelan migrants in Panama or impassioned conspiracy theorists at a QAnon conference in Scottsdale.


Prior to pursuing journalism, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and spent nearly 10 years in a touring alternative rock band. My work has appeared in The Washington Post, Associated Press, USA Today, Phoenix New Times, Phoenix Magazine, Arizona PBS, WHYY Philadelphia, KJZZ Phoenix, WebMD,, The New Humanitarian and more. 

See full resume here. 


Phone: (480) 406-4228

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